£11,026.08 PROFIT IN 8 MONTHS!

In the last 8 months I have WON 129 bets and made
£11,026.08 PROFIT using £50 bets to BSP

See how I did it month by month here:

All figures are based to Betfair Starting Price (BSP)

Why pay a tipster who is only going to tell you to back horses you could pick yourself or who promises 1 in 3 wins but the wins are at 2/1 or lower?

It's about time you took this advice...

STOP! Back Favourites
And Just Scraping A Profit

If you want to win big then just look at my winners last month in August 2017...

Here's all 18 of them:

17:00 - Yarmouth - Victory Angel - 4/1
19:05 - Leicester - Curlew River - 5/1

19:30 - Epsom Downs - Coral Sea - 7/2
20:30 - Epsom Downs - Dourado - 7/2
17:30 - Carlisle - Our Place In Loule - 5/1
16:45 - Catterick Bridge - Attention Seeker - 8/1
17:15 - Catterick Bridge - Stubytuesday - 10/1
13:50 - Haydock Park - Pukawallah - 7/2
15:30 - Musselburgh - Whatsthemessage - 5/2
18:15 - Haydock - High On Light - 7/2
15:45 - Leicester - Dark Power - 2/1
14:10 - Beverley - Arcavallo - 6/4
16:10 - Nottingham - Dubawi Fifty - 15/2
14:30 - Lingfield - Pete So High - 11/2
16:15 - Kempton - Manton Grange - 11/2
14:40 - Carlisle - Yes You - 9/2
19:20 - Fontwell - Ramore Will - 9/2
19:15 - Goodwood - Dubara - 11/2

Those 18 winners came from 86 selections. That means from placing just 86 bets last month I made 26.5pts profit... that's £1,325.30 to £50 bets.

How many times have you seen it?

A tipster promising 40%-50% strike rates and it looks great. You join, they go on a losing run and then they start backing favourites more and more and it takes you months just to get back the bank that you started with, if you ever get there at all!

Who Am I & Why Am I Different?

My name is Jason Hunter and I'd joined tipsters just like these only last year, only to be let down in one way or another.

3 years back I had 2 powerful strategies that I had worked for years. They pulled me in a nice profit each month...

... the problem?

It was hard work!

4-5 hours per day, hard work.

I used to use my 2 systems to top up my pretty poor wage but after getting a new job which paid me more I slowly stopped using my own systems and instead looked to tipsters to make me some extra cash instead.

I liked tipsters because it was EASY!

Why do all the hard work myself and spend 4-5 hours per day making selections when I could spend 5 minutes placing bets and sit back?

Well that would have been nice if only these tipsters had delivered on the promise they had made!

What I hated about so many tipsters was that they would make a profit by saying to back a favourite at odds on, but to back it at 5pts or 10pts.

To me that's £250 - £500 on an odds on favouite. When it won it was more of a relief than a celebration, I didn't just blow £500 to make £350, which did happen from time to time...

...but 10pt and 5pt bets did lose!

Then there were the tipsters who would back 7-8 selections per day. Just hoping they hit something and even when they hit 2 or 3 winners the profit was just a few points, all due to the odds.

What I Wanted Was...

No more than 4 bets per day - ideally I wanted to up my stakes on a strategy I knew worked rather than back the entire field.

No favourites - No low odds bets most of the time, although sometimes it's 100% clear that the favourite will win so it would be silly to ignore those easy profits!

Level stake win bets - no silly 10% of the bank on one "sure thing", which was probably a 50/50 bet at best.

After looking for something that met this criteria for 2 months and finding nothing, there was only one thing left to do...

Get my hands dirty!

So that's exactly what I did. I went back to what I was doing before I got lazy and started looking at patterns and strategies in the racing.

I had a great first month and started tracking results, the second month...

Well let's just say that strategy went in the bin!

I was trying 2-3 strategies at a time and after 2 good months back to back I started to focus on just 1 strategy.


What Is The Value Hunter?

I consider my Value Hunter selections to be ones that...

Get no hype about them pre-race.
They make none or very few peoples "shortlists"
The bookies have "overlooked" them "price wise"

I say "price wise" as the biggest trick the bookies pull is by trying to influence decisions with the prices.

You'll see it every day and may not even realise it.

That race where the favourite is 3/1 and the next 2 are 6/1 and 7/1.

Look at the next race like that, jot those 3 names down and check where they finish.

I'm not going to say too much more about my selections or the way they are picked and why, but instead give you every bet I have placed in the last 8 months...


Here's the table again which sums up the results...

This is based on nearly 8 months of betting from 1st January 2017 to 31st August 2017.

I have never ended a month with a loss, although I expect it to happen at some point.

My best month was March where I made a solid 39.9pts profit.

In 8 months I have hit back to back winners 26 times and my longest losing run is 30.

Results are recorded in BSP but if you shop around you can probably improve on these.

With my current form you're looking at between 16.8 - 39.9pts per month profit.

Download My FULL Results HERE!


Now before I make you an offer I want you to read these points:

1) Expect to lose 30 bets in a row.

If you join my service expect this to happen again. I do not expect to lose more than 30, but 10, 11, 12, etc have all happened in the last 7 months and when betting 3-4 bets per day this can easily cover and weeks time.

2) ONE Win = A LOT of Profit

When we are on a losing run, remember 1 win will pull us back at least 3pts.

My biggest win was 24pts and made me a nice profit of £1,092.50!

3) Losing Month

Despite having made profit every month in the last 7 I do expect to have a losing month at some point. Please bare this in mind when joining!

4) Please stick to my advice and staking plan

It's really simple! 100pts starting bank with 1pt per selection to win only.

I don't want anyone saying that they've wiped out a bank after 10 losses!

As long as you understand these points please carry on reading about my offer to you below.

If you need clarification on any of these points please email me:

Are You Ready To Make Some Profit With
The Value Hunter?

Good stuff, here's my offer to you...

No recurring prices until I have proven myself to you so take either a:

- 1 month membership (£24.50)
- 3 month membership (£49)
- 12 month membership (£147)

If I have my first losing month during your membership I will double the length of your membership free of charge.

All prices are one time fees (all covered by my 60 day satisfaction or your money back guarantee)!

If you want to carry on after your membership has expired I will offer it to you at the same monthly rate you originally signed up at.

£24.50 for 1 month, £49 for 3 months or £147 for another year.

So what you get is this...

A 1/3/12 month trial for a set price, if I have a losing month any time during your trial I will double the length of your trial, no questions asked to 2/6/24 months.

After your trial has expired you will have locked in the same rate as you sign up for today and I will not increase this price for you EVER!

Baring all this in mind, I can only take a certain number of people under this offer.

It's strictly on first come, first served basis!

So if you want in, select your plan below...

All information is sent via email the night before the racing.

If you have questions please email me at :

Here's to profiting with The Value Hunter

- Jason Hunter



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